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At present: VCI is a registered free zone Company with RAK Economic Zone since October 2018.
As the price of Oil and Gas fluctuated during past 5 years , most operating Companies (IOCs and NOCs) decided to cut cost and started implementing heavy discount on Service Companies to be in line with Oil and Gas low prices. In other hand most of the Service Companies decided to cut cost and reduce their expenses in order to match the trend of Operating Companies downsizing and cost controlling .Majority of the Service Companies decided to stop their expansion and instead of setting up an office in the Region where still providing 70% of world Oil and Gas , to hire a consultant for their BD and Marketing sector.
Seeing the enormous needs of a person with Experience, Contacts, technical knowledge and Great Marketing skill made Mr. Farzadnia the first choice in the Region. Mr. Foroohar Farzadnia the founder and Managing Director of VCI decided to establish a Company with the same nature to fulfill the gap . Mr. Farzadnia being a Petroleum Engineer from University of Tulsa, USA and being living in UAE for more than 38 years with vast knowledge and contacts in CIS/MENA and East African markets became a best choice to be hired as Consultant by Oil and Gas Service Companies worldwide. In less than 3 months after leaving AlMansoori Specialized Engineering who he has worked for more than 10 years as a Corporate Director of Marketing and BD , he managed to establish the VCI and immediately signed long term agreement with 5 major Service Companies including Al Mansoori itself in addition to a few companies on call out basis.

Our Core Verticals

Advisory Services
Technology Services
Managed Services

Our Services



We assess and diagnose business problems and recommend detailed solutions.



We design, develop, and implement the solutions we recommend.



We provide ongoing support and drive continuous improvement going forward.

Why Choose Us


End-to-end solution delivery

Many oil and gas consultants tell you what to do. But they don’t – or can’t – execute their ideas. We’re doers. We have the advisory and technical skills to deliver the solutions we recommend. And we provide post-implementation managed services.

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Deep domain knowledge

We are oil and gas professionals with years of direct experience in every oil and gas segment, personnel roles and responsibilities, business processes and data dependencies throughout the well life cycle, specific resource plays, and commercial software solutions.

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Project IP, software, and solution accelerators

We draw on a reservoir of project IP gained from hundreds of consulting engagements. This experience has resulted in proprietary software and solution accelerators that produce faster results, lower project costs, and better outcomes.

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100% focus on oil and gas

Oil and gas is not an “industry practice” or “area of expertise” at Venture Consulting. It is all we do. We are singularly committed to driving operational excellence in oil and gas.

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